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Pray for our Pastor


Pastor : Dr. J. Howard Mills

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A Word From Our Pastor

Not Going Home Until God Is Done.


In the fall of 1892, evangelist D. L. Moody boarded a ship in Southampton bound for New York. Three days into the journey, Moody, lying on his bunk and was thanking the Lord for the safety that he had enjoyed in his journeys and the fact that he never encountered any serious accidents. While having such thoughts he was startled by a loud noise, and the vessel began to shudder. The passengers cried out that their cabins were filling with water. The large shaft that drove the propeller had broken and smashed through the side of the ship. Water began pouring in and it was soon apparent that the ship would sink. Hundreds of people that night sensed that their deaths were imminent. There was no ship in sight in the blackness of the night. No one went to sleep. The next day, it was no different. The ship was helpless and they were alone at sea.

Moody was no stranger to dangerous situations. He'd been shot at in the Civil War. In Chicago, during the great cholera epidemic, he fearlessly visited the sick and dying. "But on the sinking ship," Moody wrote in his memoirs, "it was different. It was the darkest hour of my life. I had thought myself superior to the fear of death," but that illusion quickly vanished. "I could not endure it." Moody was gripped with fear. It was a difficult time in his life for he had recently learned that he was having heart complications too. A sinking ship was not helping matters at all.

Moody went to his cabin and on his knees poured out his heart to God. He found refuge in Word. What happened? Moody said, "God heard my cry, and enabled me to say, 'Thy will be done!'" He went to bed and fell asleep. He wrote, "I never slept any more soundly in all my life." At three in the morning on the second night, Moody's son awakened him with good news: a steamer, the Lake Huron, had heard their distress signals. Seven days later, they were towed into safe harbor.

Beloved, God was not finished with Moody and the other believers on this ship. In fact, Moody would continue to preach the Word for seven more years across the nation in revival meetings. During the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893, Moody and his associates ran a camp meeting in tents in Jackson Park that drew crowds of up to 150,000 people per week. Two years after his deliverance from God at sea, in 1894, Moody Publications was founded.

This revolutionary publishing house made Moody's vision real by publishing inexpensive books to reach a larger audience of Christians and non-Christians. It was his desire that Christians have books to help them study the Word. The impact of Moody Publications continues to influence the world for Christ even today over a century later.

Moody was afraid and helpless on that sinking ship at sea. He had no control of his circumstances. All he could do was trust God with his life and make the Lord his refuge and fortress, but that was enough. You know what? It is enough for us too. God is not going to call you home to glory until He is finished with you. So by the grace of God, just trust and serve Him day by day.



AMEN & AMEN !!!!




Our First Lady

 Judy Mills





Calvary Youth Program


    Ages 3 - Teenage

We are very proud of our youth groups. Our goal is to give our youth a strong foundation and build deep roots of faith that will help them in the years to come, to provide them with the tools and knowledge that they need to face the challenges that lie ahead for today's youths.

We believe that the church, as well as the parents, should strive to prepare and set the best example possible for our youth. We hope that you will remember the youth programs at Calvary in your prayers as we strive to build the church of tomorrow in the youth of today.

All of the youth groups invite you to join them in Learning in the Lord, Living for the Lord and Loving the things of the Lord!

Youth Director

Bro. Michael Murray

Our Wednesday Night Program is the Word of Life.

Reaching Youth with the Gospel of Christ

Gopher Buddies Ages 3 6

Olympians Grades 1 6

Students Grades 7 12

We meet every Wednesday night from 6:30pm 8pm

We look forward to continued growth and success and hope

you will join us for an unforgettable time in the Lord.




Imperfect people worship here ! Come Join Us !                                   Imperfect people worship here ! Come Join Us !                         Imperfect people worship here ! Come Join Us !                            Imperfect people worship here ! Come Join Us !  


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Imperfect people worship here, come join us !


Never look down on anybody,

 unless you're helping them up.





GOD BLESS AMERICA !         GOD BLESS AMERICA !          GOD BLESS AMERICA !               GOD BLESS AMERICA !                         GOD BLESS AMERICA !                      GOD BLESS AMERICA !                   




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